SUMMER PREVIEW: Essentials for the season




Junior Gabi Hutson lists her summer must-haves.

Glossier sunscreen:

SPF 30? Completely sheer? No flashback in photos? This sunscreen is every makeup lover’s dream in the summer. Not to mention it’s Glossier brand which is one of my all time favorite brands for makeup and skincare.

Wicker bags:

Popularized by french icon Jane Birkin in the ’70s, I have vowed to incorporate this into my summer style. This paired with bell bottoms and a cropped white button up is the iconic Birkin look. All you need a baby blue bike and a bouquet to stick in your bag and you’ll look fresh off the streets of early ’70s Paris.

Bell bottoms:

This brings me to my next point: bell bottoms. I’ve seen this popping up more and more lately and personally I love it. They work with every outfit and give an edge to any regular old fit you have. Jump on the trend while it’s still early before you start seeing all your friends in them.


This is my all time favorite makeup product but I especially love it in the summer. If you want that “too much sun” look without contracting skin cancer then look to blush. My personal favorites are Benefits dandelion cream blush and anything from Nars. Opt for the rosy cheek look this summer rather than the the staple bronze glow.

Floral perfume:

I’ve been using Marc Jacob’s daisy since I was 10 and haven’t switched up to this date. This may not be your favorite but I would suggest stopping by the perfume counter at Macy’s to find a new scent for the summer. The fresh scent of  florals pairs perfectly with the weather outside.

Acai bowls:

I tried to be vegan for two weeks and these were pretty much all I ate. The best place in Roseville is Nekter with a max price of $9.95 and enormous portions. It’s like a pint of fresh fruit and acai, that’s the perfect meal for the summer! However I recommend getting the pitaya bowl instead of the acai, it taste better and looks nicer too. Who doesn’t love eating pretty food?