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TOWNSEND: Heart-racing scenes inject thrill in Prey





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Bethesda hit its consumers with a brand new first-person action/adventure video game developed by Arkane Studios in the form of Prey. Prey takes place in an alternate universe where funding for space programs has continually increased from the space race we had in this universe, leading to insanely more advanced space technology. The player takes control of character Morgan Yu while he explores a wrecked space station infested with different kinds of aliens.

The map is maze-like and not super diverse, but not in a way that gameplay gets frustrating. There are enough nooks and crannies to discover that progress the mystery aspect of the game forward.

While merely wandering around and exploring you can pick up on great opportunities to get new weapons and gear to help you unlock each portion of the space station. And, help defend yourself against these aliens (which, by the way, definitely have given me a scare one or two times). My advice: Never discount wandering; you’ll miss out on leveling up your abilities and equipment.

There is a certain level of intensity maintained throughout the game, too, with the score and ominous, ever-present threat of running into aliens. You are constantly in fear of a chair actually being an alien in disguise ready to attack or in fear of an enormous alien charging at you as soon as you turn a corner. And the aliens are creepy. They are just black figures in all shapes and sizes. This game is basically Dishonored and Deadspace combined together and published by one of the biggest game companies out there right now.

The gameplay goes back and forth between intense gameplay and stealth and it’s exhilarating. You never know when something’s going to go horribly wrong and you have to deal with that or you will have to sneak through a number of aliens or robots on the space station.

Visually, Prey shows off space and a wrecked space station in deep, recognizable graphics similar to the Dishonored franchise Arkane’s previous franchise. The gameplay can be somewhat similar but I don’t think this is all that bad, considering how well Dishonored 2 was received.

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