GOLF: Varsity Tigers lose second league matchup against Whitney




The Roseville Tigers put up some of their worst scores of the league season so far in their 204-223 loss against the Whitney Wildcats. The boys are  now 7-8 overall and 7-5 in league.

Freshman Arturo Zavala shot 41, seniors Jake Littlejohn, Parker Crews, Andrew Smith, George Hughes and Jacob Hagen shot 42, 42, 46, 52 and 53, respectively, and sophomore Alec Martig shot 53.

Earning a playoff spot will be tough after this loss, but Crews is confident in the boys’ abilities.

“It would have gave us a better opportunity, but we still have a good shot to make it,” Crews said.

In order to make playoffs, the boys must defeat the Cosumnes Oaks Wolfpack in the upcoming Capital Valley Conference league tournament #2 next Tuesday.

Leading up to the tournament, the Tigers will face the Ponderosa Bruins and the Oakmont Vikings at home this week.