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MOVIE OF THE WEEK: ‘The Sting’ provides a compelling con story through impeccable story and dialogue


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Since this past week on Netflix we got a new movie called The Discovery with Robert Redford in it. I figured I take a look back at good ol’ blue eyes most famous movie. The Sting.

The Sting (1973) in my opinion is the epitome of con movies. The movie follows the story of rookie con artist Johnny Hooker in the late 1930’s played by Robert Redford who is out for revenge and wants to pull the long con on the guy who murdered his former partner. Hooker seeks the help of the legendary con man himself, Hendry Gondorff played by Paul Newman in order to help him succeed and plan out the con.

The Sting was an incredibly popular movie back in the 70’s, it even won seven academy awards at the Oscars in 1974 with the main highlight being best picture and best director to George Roy Hill and best original score. The movie even gave us the classic music we hear when we hear the ice cream truck coming down our street.

The Sting provides to be a movie with endless twists and turns and is so expertly told that it never fails to entertain me throughout. The movie relies on more verbal action than actual action scenes. All the scenes when they are running the con are incredibly awesome to watch as you get to see how they are just expertly playing Doyle Lannagan played by the incredibly awesome Robert Shaw.

The movie never relies on CGI or incredible stunts instead they rely on the actors and the really well written story to keep the audience entertained. The production, design and costuming of this movie are impeccable as no prop or costume feels out of place but instead helps aid the story. The Sting does something most Hollywood movies don’t do now and that is keep the audience guessing. Something about the whole idea of cons and the con man world are super intriguing to me in the movie.

The Sting won’t blow you away with action or thrills but instead entertains you from it’s impeccable chemistry from Robert Redford and Paul Newman as they anchor the film to perfection.

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