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Junior to jumpstart life with early graduation




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While her friends are getting excited to start their senior year, Roseville High School junior Korissa Cedre is preparing to go off to college in the fall. Cedre made the decision to graduate early when she was looking at credit requirements and realized that she almost had enough.

“It was towards the beginning of sophomore year. It was just an option that sort of appeared and I said ‘Why not?’” Cedre said.

In order to meet her requirements and credits needed to graduate early, Cedre has been taking various extra classes at Sierra College. To her, taking the classes weren’t difficult, but the environment was more unfamiliar.

“The classes weren’t so difficult just more awkward,” Cedre said. “There were a lot more questions asked. I always get ‘Why are you in here?’ or ‘You’re a junior? Cool.’”

Not only is Cedre affected by her taking extra classes and having more work, but also her best friend and fellow junior Cassidy Casey has noticed Cedre’s schedule tightening.

“I haven’t been seeing her as much which sucks, but hopefully she’ll do great after high school,” Casey said. “I know she will, she works really hard.”

Although Cedre is away from her peers for the majority of her classes, she still feels connected to her class of 2018. Although Cedre is graduating with the Class of 2017, she doesn’t consider herself to be apart of the graduating class.

“I don’t feel different about it. I still talk to them and everything. I’m not so much out of my class yet, “ Cedre said. “I still consider the junior class my class.”

Casey is happy Cedre is finally pursuing her goals.

“I’m happy for her,” Casey said. “She’s been talking about this since freshman year so I’m really glad she actually did it.”
Cedre’s family is just as supportive of her decision as her friends, they were excited for her as soon as she told them about her plan.

“They’re very supportive. As soon as I mentioned it, my dad was on board and he was like ‘definitely lets do it’ and we started asking questions, getting what we could.” Cedre said.

Cedre’s brother, RHS Alumi Rudy Cedre, is proud of his little sister’s accomplishments and wants her to be happy, no matter her academic involvement.

“I just hope that she’s happy whatever she ends up doing,” Rudy said. “If she’s happy at the college she chooses to go to, then I’m not worried about her being successful.”

Rudy knows that college can be time demanding, but still holds on to the goals both he and his sister have.

“Of course I will probably see her even less than I already do,” Rudy said. “It makes me sad, but as long as we’re both doing what we want with our lives, then I’m not too worried about it.”

According to Korissa’s friend, junior Sabrina Roa, despite the happiness for Korissa’s move her friends will miss her as well.

“Honestly I’m gonna miss just Korie in general,” Roa said. “She’s really helpful and kind and I’m really gonna miss being able to talk to her every day.”

Along with her junior friends, Korissa will also miss the teachers that provided her with guidance on her road to early graduation and their help which propelled her towards her goal. While graduating early saves the trouble of one more year of high school, Korissa can’t help but miss the potential senior activities she’ll miss out on.

“I’ll definitely miss the teachers and the friends and being more comfortable with people I know,” Korissa said. “I’m gonna be missing out on a lot of senior activities with my class and my friends and everything.”

English 12 teacher Kelly Capell recognized the effort and determination Korissa contributed to her class in order to push through her last year of high school.

“I would describe her as very mature, she’s diligent and hard working, and she’s also determined,” Capell said. “Any student who can graduate early and take AP classes has to be someone who’s very goal-oriented because it’s not easy for a student who’s graduating in four years, let alone a student who’s graduating in three.”

Capell is secure with the fact that Korissa will succeed no matter where she goes and appreciates her taking the early steps to starting her life.

“I think she knows very clearly what she wants to do, so for her going on to that next step is awesome and she’s the type of person who’s gonna be successful no matter what she does,” Capell said.

Despite missing familiar RHS surroundings, Korissa is steadfast in her belief that her early graduation will be worthwhile in the long run.

“It’s not the worst. I think it’ll definetly be worth it,” Korissa said.

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