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You guys, we did it. We finished 80 percent of our high school career, we finished college applications, we finished scholarship applications and most of us know where we will be next fall.

Next year it’s a new school with new faces. It is a little scary, don’t you think? Knowing you all for these last years has shown me that no matter where any of us go, there is no doubt that we’ll be successful.

But what is the point in worrying about that? Right now, let’s cherish these last few weeks (nine weeks, to be exact).

Everybody had sky-high expectations for our class, and I truly believe we delivered. The Class of 2017 will forever go down as the best class Roseville High School has seen – at least in my book, and that’s all that really matters.

Just remember everything we accomplished as a class. Football and boys basketball and soccer having home playoff games, girls basketball winning two games in playoffs. Oh, and let’s not forget girls soccer going into playoffs as a tenth seed and winning the division. And on top of these sport accomplishments since our class came the number of AP tests taken has steadily increased every year and we broke the record for scholarships.

Only a handful more times do we get to hear Josh Carson’s iconic voice reading the announcements and reciting the pledge of allegiance, struggle to find a spot in the senior lot (is it really a struggle if you don’t even bother with it anymore?), buy a heavenly muffin from the vending machine and make up an excuse as to why you’re out of class when the yard duty confronts you.

We have done our part! RHS is a better place because of our academics, athletics and the unique culture we helped create. It is time to coast into the finish line.  Already late for class? Go get breakfast from Starbucks. (Just make sure to bring some to your teacher.) Debating on whether you should go to the volleyball game or do that one irrelevant homework assignment? Go to the game. Those memories will last a lot longer.

Just pass your core classes and have fun. The next thing to finish is this quarter and that is it. So my task for you is to have fun and to make sure you remember the Class of 2017 as the amazing people we are.