‘Beauty and the Beast’ brings back nostalgic charm




All controversy aside, there is no dispute over whether Beauty and the Beast is a phenomenal film or not. With all the pressure on the studio and director Bill Condon’s shoulders to bring to life the only animated film to be nominated for best picture at the academy, they prevailed.

The most magical thing about Beauty and the Beast was the revision of old musical numbers and even some new ones. I swear the “Be Our Guest” number was a nostalgia spectacular that sent me all the way back to when I was little girl sitting on my couch staring in awe at my television. Don’t even get me started on the Provincial Town song which Emma Watson bodied with ease. My only complaint is the cutting of the line, “Marie! The baguettes.”

While I was unfamiliar with the new songs, I still got the same warm comfortable feeling I felt when I heard the revisions of songs pulled from my childhood. Also the new editions gave the movie more a theatre musical feel rather than a cartoony one which I found fitting considering a good portion of the audience was going to be older because they grew up with the film.

If you couldn’t tell,  Belle is my favorite disney princess and I’ve dreamed of a live action version of Beauty and the Beast since I was about six. The cast brought all my dreams to life with their magnificent performances. Specifically Emma was stunning as Belle, she did right by my favorite princess and I still felt that connection I had with cartoon Belle as a kid. She acted like her in every aspect even a miniscule hand gesture seemed perfect to portray Belle.

Everything about this film combined together is just beautiful not even in terms of aesthetics either just the film as a whole. I mean it is beautiful to look at but it’s just so enchanting. It sweeps you away into what feels like a completely different world.