MULLIGAN: Teacher passion determines student involvement



As all students come down with an “-itis,” either senioritis or summeritis, teachers need to make sure to continue keeping students engaged and excited with the class.

It should go without saying that every teacher should always strive to have an exciting class. This is especially important when the difference between meeting or failing to meet a graduation requirement is a student enjoying coming to the class every day.

In CP classes, teachers should teach things to be fun while still informative because they don’t have specific things that must be taught like an AP class. Graphic organizers and lectures can be part of the curriculum, but they can’t be the sole focus. Teachers should do fun activities that allow the student to think for themselves about the subject which ultimately increases their interest. Teachers need to let the passion they have for their subject rub off onto students.

If they are passionate about what they teach students will pick up on that and be inspired themselves. I’ve never been a fan of math, but without a doubt Honors Pre Calculus was easier for me because Mr. Ray loves the subject he teaches.

Personally, I find a class that actually teaches me something interesting. If I am forced to be at school might as well make it worth my time. Still, just because a class is a graduation requirement does not mean it should be an easy A.

The school wants everyone to graduate, but if someone is sent out into the world without being prepared the school has done them a disservice. CP stands for college preparatory, so why aren’t they being prepared for college?