ROSETTI: Free study aids prepare students




Most juniors fill their classes with AP and various rigorous classes. Mine is no exception. Throughout the course of the school year, I am not going to remember every single thing taught to me in each of my AP classes – but that’s not a problem anymore.

Teachers started to give out AP prep books this year, for which I am enthusiastic. I intend on taking as many dreadful AP tests as I can this year, so the review books will serve as a useful tool to me, and hopefully many other students.

This act will definitely push me to take as many APs as I can, knowing that the term in which I take the class won’t hinder my ability to perform well on the test.

For a lot of students, taking a fall AP class would mean that their chances of passing decreases.  With the new prep books, students’ confidence is sure to increase, as well as pass rates.

The amount of students signed up to take AP exams should, theoretically, rise as well: the more confident a student feels about a subject, the more likely that student is to take that AP exam.

Prep books could cover stuff not taught in class, or reinforce certain concepts. For example, in AP Euro, the LEQ really didn’t click inside my head. I just couldn’t remember all of the necessary components. (By the way, the LEQ is a huge part of the actual AP exam.)

I went into my handy- dandy prep book, and there I saw it in all of its glory: a chart labeling each and everything you need for a successful LEQ. From there, I saw the importance of prep books.  I give so much credit to the prep book. Without it, I don’t know if I would have passed the Euro exam.

Books don’t just offer course information. They have test taking strategies too. Face it: you’re going to be guessing on some parts of the AP exam. They can teach you how to scrap and salvage easy points on writing portions and multiple choice problems.

I just don’t see a reason why teachers didn’t do this sooner, besides the cost of all the books. The choice to distribute these books to further solidify students’ knowledge is priceless. This shows teachers’ determination towards students passing AP exam(s).