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MOVIE OF THE WEEK: ‘Fracture’ gives a fresh take on the classic courtroom drama





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Fracture is unlike any of the courtroom thrillers I’ve ever seen. Directed by Gregory Hoblit, who gave us another incredible courtroom thriller in Primal Fear, which introduced the world to Edward Norton, uses a similar formula with Fracture to again strike success.

The movie right off the bat does something unique by showing you the murder that Ted Crawford commits on his wife. Ted, who is played by Anthony Hopkins, plays a cold and twisted man who tries to get away with the crime he has committed.  Then the story swings to the other side to follow a hotshot lawyer Willy Beachum who has a smooth talking southern accent and is played by Ryan Gosling. Beachum is about to get a big promotion at a huge higher up law firm but has to go through one last case that is pitched to him as an easy win case before he can move on. But the case he takes up is far more than he can handle as he ends up having his trial against Hopkins character.

Hopkins character is so cunning and manipulative throughout the entire movie and leads Gosling’s character on a very intriguing cat and mouse game. Gosling and Hopkins really have great chemistry together as everyone scene they are in together keeps you captivated the entire time.

The thing I love about Fracture is that it is unlike all the other courtroom thrillers we see today, Hoblit chose to show us the murder and show us who did it within the first 10 minutes of the film. That makes the film interesting as you see Hopkins character manipulate and find loopholes in the law to hold up Gosling’s character as he slowly tries to ruin Beachum’s life and career.

In the end, Fracture provides to be a worthy courtroom drama that offers new and exciting take on the genre. As it gets two perfect performances from Gosling and Hopkins. Fracture will not fail to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

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