‘Lego Batman’ repairs dented DC reputation




As a fan and advocate of DC films you can imagine my huge disappointment after the flop that was Suicide Squad. I obviously assumed I was going to have to wait until June for the release of Wonder Woman for my favorite comic empire to redeem itself, but after viewing Lego Batman yesterday night I realized that my wait was over.

Lego Batman is honestly the best thing to happen to the DC universe since Christian Bale’s take on Batman. After the immense failure of Suicide Squad and the mixed response to Batman v. Superman this is just the revival DC needed. The plot is actually good, like if they took the plot from this and put it into a real DC film it might actually be good and then I wouldn’t have to defend them all the time. It was little to sappy for my liking but seeing as I am way over the age demographic the studio was aiming for I feel as if that was expected.

Yes, Lego Batman is a children’s movie and yes it’s borderline satirical of DC comics but that’s what makes it so good. Will Arnett’s narcissistic lone-wolf take on Batman was obviously meant to be very exaggerated but in all honesty it wasn’t too far from the truth and it was worth a few good laughs.

Not to mention that it featured Dick Grayson, my favorite variation of Robin (and later on Nightwing)  who is often overlooked and underappreciated in the DC universe. However I wasn’t fond of Michael Cera’s Dick Grayson. He made him a little to pitiful, granted he was playing the a rather young version of Dick but his vulnerability was just uncharacteristic to the character I’ve grown an attachment to. Nonetheless I was just glad to see a character so near and dear to my heart make his debut on the big screen… even if it was in Lego form.