Five suggestions for Valentine’s Day in Roseville


Do you need something to do with your shawty this Valentine’s Day? We got you. Here are our top five suggestions (in no particular order) on how to treat your boo this holiday.


Are you a SoundCloud rapper with a token goth girlfriend? We know just the place to take your spooky boo. What better a place to get romantic than a place where you and your significant other can snuggle up while listening to the shrill screams of children being drowned out by Skrillex. You can impress your scene-queen by showing him/her that you would protect them from any man with a chainsaw.


Can you dig it? If you’re a quirky gal that loves to use the word “groovy” or “far out” and wear bell bottoms, then this sounds right up your alley … or should I say… rink? You and your significant other can get down and funky while listening to such throwback hits from The Jackson 5 and Earth, Wind and Fire. You’ll be in Boogie Wonderland with your foxy mama.



Did you love La La Land? Did your shawty love La La Land? Did she tell you she wants you to be more like Ryan Gosling? No worries, we’ve got a way for you to embrace your inner struggling musician. You can take your Emma Stone to a multitude of dying jazz clubs in the Sacramento area. You can enjoy the isolated, romantic atmosphere and feel like you are in a movie that’s nominated for 14 oscars.


Listen …we get it. You’re a straight male, but hear us out. We know your feet are gross and your nail beds are nasty and frankly it disgust us. Do us and yourself a favor and throw your masclinity out the window for an hour. Treat yourself and your boo to a mini spa treatment. You and your significant other can relax and soak your feet in rose petal water while drinking complimentary iced tea. And if you are so in touch with your masculinity that you have no problem with treating your self,  good for you; you’re a step ahead of us.


Do you and your friends love to loiter on the roof of the Tower Theater? Maybe try walking in the front door for once, you’d be surprised to find that they actually play old and new movies. For instance they are playing Casablanca, one of the most romantic movies of all time, tonight at 7:00 p.m. Enchant your girl with a unique old school theater experience. Put on your best clothes and have a night on the town.