Taketa scores Girls State spot


The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State has nominated Roseville High School junior Emily Taketa for a place at the Girls State conference in Southern California. Taketa will now be attending the Claremont McKenna camp this summer.

Taketa was very pleased when she learned she won the opportunity to attend Girls State and says it is something she never thought she would be able to do.

“I feel really honored about being chosen,” Taketa said. “It’s a really cool experience that I never thought that I would be able to have.”

According to Taketa, this opportunity will give her a closer look at the inner workings of our government.

“I think that it would help me get a real hands on understanding of how our government works at the state level and national level and just see how it is first hand,” Taketa said.

Taketa’s parents felt excited and content that she was chosen out of the four other girls competing for Girls State.

“They were pretty excited,” Taketa said. “I had to tell them about it because they weren’t as informed on what Girls State was, but they think it’s cool and they’re really excited for me too.”

Taketa’s mother Jennifer Taketa is proud of Emily upon being chosen and feels confident she’ll represent RHS well.

“Emily’s dad and I are so proud of her on being chosen as the Girls State delegate,” Jennifer said. “It’s a very big honor and we know that she will represent Roseville High School well.”

Senior Amanda Davis feels proud of Taketa and her dedication to succeed as well as the work she put forth.

“I’m super proud of her,” Davis said.