Panda trumps Panda


(SOPHIE COOK/EYE OF THE TIGER) Panda Restaurant is clearly a better option when it comes to your Chinese cuisine. With more options, larger portions and lower prices, Panda Resturant seemingly trumps its comepetition.


When picking a restaurant, one typically thinks about flavor preference and price before deciding. What people don’t think about often is how much better tasting and pricing is at underground restaurants.

Everybody, or at least the vast majority of people in the world, know about Panda Express – a nice little fast food Chinese place where you can get a combo box for about $8 with a decent amount of food for one meal. But what if I told you there was a place where you could get double the amount of food for roughly half the price?

When you look up ‘Panda Chinese Food’ on any search engine, Panda Express is nearly always the first thing to pop up. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never be able to find that perfect place. Panda Restaurant. Because typing in Panda brings you to Panda Express instead of the actual restaurant, many people don’t even know it exists.

But once you know about Panda Restaurant, you’ll never want to buy chinese food from anywhere else.  With a combo pack, you get chowmein or rice, a meat, a soup and an eggroll or fried wontons for $7. Personally, I opt for Mongolian beef with fried rice and a side of hot and sour soup. It fills me up perfectly and usually still leaves room for leftovers, depending on how hungry I am.

Let’s just talk about the soup real quick. The hot and sour soup is godly. The perfect blend of hot and sour, add a dab of soy sauce and you are in heavy. The way it flows over your tastebuds opens up each flavorful molecule until you almost become consumed with the taste.

The chow mein is also a very good investment, although it does cost extra. It matches perfectly with a meat combo and they just blend together to create the perfect melody of flavor.

Also, you just can’t top the weekend deals. You can get 2 combos for roughly $10. A true miracle.