FASHION: Junior Dominique Beasom




Who are some of your biggest style icons and why?
Anything from the ‘70s. I like Shelly Duval, Sissy Spaceck and Sharron Tate. Any old classic movie, I take a picture and steal their look so really any actress from the ‘70s.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I was directed by a ‘70s director; I belong in the ‘70s a little bit. I love anything vintage, anything old. I love yellow, bright colors, and I like different patterns. I like playing with that. Honestly, I’ll pick up anything from old movies, tv shows and old magazines, like old vintage Teen Vogue.

What about the ‘70s vintage style draws your attention?
Bright colors, the happiness of everyone, the realistic looking people. It’s not like today where it’s all photoshopped models. It’s actually girls of different sizes, and it’s really cool to see things that were big back then like freckles and eyelashes and all that cool stuff. I’m really more into the natural look.

What colors and patterns do you aim for?
Yellow, flowers like floral looks, stripes and I like fringe. I’m really into denim. The mom jean thing is really taking off right now, and I’m obsessed with it. I feel like everyone should be in mom jeans. But I really love denim; it’s like my favorite thing. I’ll always go for like a denim jacket or jeans.

What recent trends have you taken and made to fit your style?
The mom jeans, and the blue can-can backpacks I’ve added some cool ‘70s patches on. Baseball hats and I band t shirts as well. I get a lot of those with bands from the ‘70s. I feel like freckles are kind of a big thing right now as well I see a lot of girls wearing fake freckles with their makeup. And I have a lot of natural ones so that’s pretty nice.