Measure D secures sixth HS plans

$30 million in funds tops off campus cost





Roseville Joint Union High School District’s sixth high school is set to break ground in the spring of 2018 with the funds from the recently passed Measure D bond.

Measure D will allocate $30 million to the high school in Westpark. The total cost is $110 million and $80 million stems from various other bonds and developer fees.

“Most of the parents in West Roseville have been pretty positive because Measure D is a solution to the problem and they understand that the district is doing all it can to get a school built,” assistant superintendent of business services Joe Landon said.

“Phase 1” of the construction plan includes the construction of a cafeteria, gymnasium, main office and classrooms. RJUHSD superintendent Ron Severson expects to break ground in early 2018, and “Phase 1” to be complete for students in 2020.

Severson is meeting with various teachers representing RJUHSD programs to discuss the effectiveness of department-specific facilities on the new campus.

“Athletic directors went over every inch of athletic facilities, dance teachers went over what the dance rooms are gonna look like,” Severson said. “We are meeting with science and people like that.”

The district hired demographers and architects in order to produce the majority of data needed to estimate the opening date of the school and create concept art for the campus.

The facilities are planned to incorporate natural lighting, large open spaces and simplistic, modern design.

According to RJUHSD communications coordinator Shannon Blockton, the sixth high school’s steering committee, made up of parents and homeowners in the area as well as RJUHSD administrators, has been key to the school’s development.

The steering committee looked at the foreplan of the school, and will assist in choosing the school’s name, mascot and the various programs that could be offered. Possible name suggestions included “Westpark High School” and “Northwestern High School.” Some of the possible mascots include Falcons, Hawks, Panthers and Freedom Fighters.

The steering committee is looking toward growing a strong athletic program, progressive academics and a strong marching band.

“Is it gonna have a marching band? Is it gonna be a project lead the way school? Is it gonna have AP or IB or both AP and IB,” Severson said. “They’ll work on what the school will really be like.”
Now that Measure D passed and greenlighted a portion of the funding for the school, Severson is excited to break ground on the site.

“We’ve talking about this for years,” Severson said. “We are right on the brink of being able to start moving dirt.”

Severson hopes that the high school will be the highlight of the community by working simultaneously with the Parks & Recreation department of the city.

“The community is gonna be so proud of this new school,” Severson said. “It’s beautiful. It incorporates everything we have learned about teaching and learning space over the last 20 years. There is more natural light, it will be the center of the community in west park and we have a partnership with the city so they’re gonna finish some of the athletic buildings and fields and its adjacent to the new soccer complex.”