Physiology students raise ‘children’ for human development project


Social Science teacher Erin Granucci implemented a brand new project to her 3rd period Physiology class designed to teach students responsibility. Corresponding to the Human Development unit, students were required to purchase a sack of flour and care for it as if it were their own child.

According to senior Madyson Vaught, the project was first made due to the persistence of fellow Physiology students.

“A bunch of kids in our class got together and were talking about it, and we kind of bugged Ms. Granucci for a week,” Vaught said. “We wanted to do it for extra credit and she ended up making it a project.”

The object of the assignment is to teach students the potential responsibilities and commitments that come with having a child, with them being required to carry the flour at all times for seven consecutive days.      

Vaught was excited for the new addition in the class and appreciated its versatility.

“I liked it, I wanted to do it so I was pretty excited and it was fun. You don’t have to do a lot of work at home, you just had to get it together in one day and then carry your flour around for a week,” Vaught said.