MULLIGAN: Effort determines post-high school success




As college application season closes, seniors should look ahead with optimism regardless of where they get accepted because in the end what matters the most is you.

At the end of the day a college degree is a college degree. A hardworking graduate is going to come out on top compared to a “C’s get degrees” graduate – even if the lazy graduate went to UCLA and the hard worker went to a “worse” school like Sac State.

What matters is how you, as an individual, differentiate yourself from all the other people applying for the same position. Participate in extracurriculars, be an intern, set yourself apart. If you both got in for the interview does the degree even matter? Wow them with your knowledge even for some low-life who graduated from an obscure college that is so much worse than where the other went.

No school is a bad school. Whether it’s a CSU, UC, JC or private everyone has their own place and that must be respected. And no matter where you go you can be as successful as anyone as long as you have the drive to be a successful person.

If you get into your reach school, more power to you. But if not, make it a challenge to prove to that school they made a mistake not accepting you and be proud of the school that accepted you. Be the big name from that school that they always use as examples of their rich/famous alumni.