Senior juggles conflicting band, tap dance schedules




Roseville High School senior Amanda Lopes has been juggling two performing art talents, tap dance and band since she was in middle school. Lopes has a deep appreciation for both sides of her artistic talents and plans to continue on with them for as long as possible.

Lopes has been dancing since she was a child, but realized her interest in musical instruments in fifth grade because of all of her families mutual interest.

“I started playing a musical instrument in fifth grade. My family all played instruments as well,” Lopes said. “So it was just kind of a thing we all did.”

At first it was harder to choose between the two, but in time Lopes realized that she loved to both dance and play instruments equally.

According to fellow marching band mate Alyssa Abbott, both of Lopes’ talents complement each other, giving her a better perspective and understanding of the task at hand.

“She has a lot of technical skills…it goes with being able to do rhythms with your feet it all correlates,” Abbott said.

While it may seem like she has a lot on her plate, Lopes says she wouldn’t trade her passions for anything else.

“I love what I do,” Lopes said. “I love dance and band and I want to do it and I know that I can.”

The adults in Lopes’ life do what they can to support and understand her hectic schedule Lopes is thankful for that.

“They’re very open with letting me come a little late to rehearsal, or leaving a little early or missing a performance or two, so I’ve been very lucky in that sense,” Lopes said.

Although Lopes has maintained balance between dance and band, she still has to manage to fit school into that as well.

“A lot of late nights, R.O.A.R. period has definitely helped so if I didn’t get something done I have that time,” Lopes said.

According to Lopes she has had to make sacrifices in terms of a social life in order to keep up with her extracurriculars.

“The sacrifices have just been like I can’t hangout with friends all the time and on Friday nights I’m usually at home getting ahead on homework,” Lopes said.

After high school, Lopes hopes to pursue a teaching career in music and continue dancing on the side as a hobby.