Senior leans toward rapper extravagance over simplicity




How would you describe your style?

Just in general looking nice, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on designer brands. Designer brands are nice but you don’t really need to be spending that much money on something like to put an outfit together.

In a time where everyone is buying Supreme and Thrasher and spending money on name brands, what is something that’s important to you?

I like higher end brands compared to those street ones. But I don’t know, I’m not really a fan of all the Supreme hype.

So you have a grill… tell me about that.

I bought [my grill] at Gold USA in Sacramento with my homies, you might know them; they have grills too. But yeah, it’s just gold… gold teeth.

What does it add to your style?

It adds maybe a subtle, well not really subtle but… I wouldn’t describe it as subtle actually. I could be walking around with a closed mouth, then smile and everyone sees it.

What’s more important to you, extravagance or simplicity?

Extravagance is better overall but simplicity is good too.

What are some things that inspire the way you dress?

A lot of rappers and fashion designers that I follow on Twitter and Instagram. Specifically Shane Gonzalez. And J Stash, who’s just a rapper, has good clothing and the way he dresses is nice.

Does jewelry play into your style?

Yeah I really like jewelry a lot. I think the rings stand out the most because I’ve been rocking the rings for a couple years. And you don’t see a lot of people wearing rings.

You have a nice pair of shoes, how do those play into your style at all?

Yeah, I think shoes are a big part of an outfit, like putting together an outfit. It’s a staple part of what you need to revolve everything else around.