21 Savage satisfies audience with 30 minute concert



It’s always a feat when an artist can come out on a stage, play for 30 minutes, leave and still have a satisfied audience. SoundCloud rapper 21 Savage somehow managed to accomplish this with his concert last night at Sacramento’s Ace of Spades club.

The doors opened at 7 p.m. and after about two hours of opening acts that, in hindsight, seemed longer than his own set, Savage finally came on stage and gave the people what they were waiting for.

He started the set with “Dip Dip,” this is probably one of the most popular Savage songs so everyone in the crowd knew it and went hard. I mean like screaming at the top of their lungs leaping ten feet in the air hard. But even this is no comparison to when he played “No Heart,” another savage classic. Even I went in during this set. I was disappointed that he didn’t play my favorite song “No Advance” off his tape Savage Mode. And that’s another qualm I had, he seemed to only play songs off of Savage Mode which to be fair was his most recent tape but still nothing from Slaughter King, with the exception of “Dip Dip” Nothing from Free Guwop? Some of his best songs are on those, but not his most popular.

I enjoyed that he’d occasionally cut the beat on certain moments to make his live flow sound more raw, It kind of gave it a freestyle feeling. He did this throughout the majority of his songs but the most iconic moment is when he cut the beat and altered my all time favorite savage lyric to “‘I been with you since day one, Savage I ain’t even hating’ Yeah, what’s up with all that Instagram s—, Tyga” He did this to address Tyga’s diss from earlier that night and did it in the best way possible.

After about 30 minutes of performing Savage exited the stage. I was in shock by how short his performance was I thought maybe it was intermission but that’s more of thing they do in musical theater rather than at a 21 Savage concert. I would have been mad but to be fair the tickets were only $33 so it was like a dollar a minute when you think about. He really made those 30 minutes his, too, so I can’t complain.