Freshmen finish season 14-0




The freshman girls volleyball team finished league play with an undefeated record of 14-0, taking home a league championship and a Capital Valley Conference banner.

Despite losing two freshmen, Shay Lesniewski and Kate Slack, to the JV team at the beginning of the year, the girls were still able to dominate. They won 28 of their 32 total sets in their league season, finishing with an 87.5% win rate.

Outside hitter Madi Whitaker took charge of the Tiger offense, leading the team in kills, while middle blocker Alexis Wilson, who had the most blocks, led the defensive side.

Middle blocker Abby Bloomberg credits the team’s success to the girls’ hard work and cohesive team chemistry.

“We worked really hard in practice and most of the girls have played club volleyball before,” Bloomberg said. “We had really good team chemistry and we worked well together the whole season.”

The girls cruised through the first five matches of league, winning 10 straight sets. The Ponderosa Bruins were the first team to present a challenge to the Tigers, giving them their first three-set match of league. Both teams were undefeated before the matchup. Although the Bruins forced the Tigers to three set matches twice, the Tigers came out on top both times. Bloomberg thinks the team’s focus and dedication were key to winning these games.

“The [Ponderosa] games were definitely the toughest ones this year,” Bloomberg said. “But we stayed focused the whole match and I think that was the biggest part of us winning both times.”

Coach Kiely Nelson is proud of the team’s success this year and recognizes the diversity and determination of each of the girls.

“I think a lot of factors contributed to the team’s success. Each player brought something different to the table, whether it was on or off the court, that contributed to our great chemistry,” Nelson said. “The girls worked really hard everyday and were always positive. We had great team leaders that kept everyone focused on our team goals. This is an incredibly athletic, funny and respectful group of girls and I am honored to be their coach this year.”

Bloomberg expects the girls to continue their impressive play next season.
“I expect us to play just as well next season as we did this season,” Bloomberg said. “Especially if all the girls continue working hard with all their club and outside stuff.”