LIJO: ROAR bucks lose incentive value in slow rollout

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LIJO: ROAR bucks lose incentive value in slow rollout






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ROAR bucks were introduced not too long ago and to be honest I have not heard much about them. I do, however, remember seeing a lot of posters around campus last year.

I came to RHS junior year as a transfer student, and no one was really talking about it. Moreover, I feel like no one was excited about ROAR bucks in the first place.

Yes, I understand that I came in last year, and that might not qualify me to write about this topic, but honestly that just proves that the school has not worked enough to make people aware about this.

Admin created the whole system of ROAR because they wanted to create a better environment at school – a respectful, on task, aware and responsible environment to be specific.

Admin and teachers do a great job when it comes to other things like educating, campus security or disciplining kids, but when it comes to staying consistent with ROAR, the time it took for the prize delivery system to come is a testament to how high of a priority ROAR is.

It’s great that admin wants to create a ROAR environment, but an effort like ROAR won’t take effect unless it’s promoted and publicized regularly.
Since its introduction, if students were respectful, on task, aware or responsible in class or anywhere around campus, they would earn a ROAR buck. Until recently, when students earned a ROAR buck, they couldn’t redeem it for a prize because the system was not set up.

I believe that’s partially why it failed because when a student earned a ROAR buck and went to student services to redeem it for a prize, they were disappointed because there was no prize system.

It’s normal to be let down after looking forward to something for a while and there are very few students who actually went back to redeem their prize or even want to earn a ROAR buck again.

I have not earned a ROAR buck and I don’t know anyone who has except maybe just one.

I also think that the teachers should also be responsible enough to award these bucks or tickets when they see that their students are responsible, aware, on task and respectful. And all the classes I have been to, the teachers don’t seem to caring about the ROAR tickets.

This goes back to the admin not pushing this enough. Of course, teachers have to teach the material to students and they have other priorities than awarding ROAR tickets.

But I feel like if admin pushed teachers to have them make this a priority, this system would work.

Of course, teachers and the admin should work together for this to happen in the long run, but cooperation and persistence is key here.

I understand that they do have other important matters to take care of, but I feel like this is important too because the vision and goal of RHS is working together to create a respectful, aware, on task and responsible environment and prepare students for post-secondary education.