FASHION: Gardenour acquires style interest from sister




Would you consider yourself fashionable?

Yeah I guess, I mean people tell me all the time so I might as well listen to them.

Where do you shop mostly?

The clearance rack, like Kohl’s, also H&M thats a place I like to shop at a lot.

Is there anything that inspires you?

Well, my sister, she graduated last year, she used to dress really fashionably because she wanted to go into the fashion industry. She doesn’t really have the same style as me but growing up around her I just kinda picked up on it.

What are some of your favorite pieces to wear?

Definitely jackets and boots, those are like my two favorite things to wear, I wear them all the time, that’s pretty much my prerogative.

Do any struggles come with being a fashionable man, seeing as that they’re not as common today?

Definitely the worst part about it is that there’s less options for guys. You walk into a store and maybe one fourth of it is for guys and the rest is women’s so it’s kind of limiting. And at first I was a little uncomfortable coming to school dressing how I wanted to but now I pretty much wear whatever I want.

How does it feel to have a distinct style that isn’t mainly brand name pieces?

The main reason I don’t wear those is really because they’re super expensive. But I don’t know I feel like I just dress how I want to and as long as I think its looks good I’ll wear it.