FASHION: Dodson rocks alternative punk looks




What would you say inspires your style?

Well I used to be pretty goth as a lot of people know but that just got really time consuming so I started taking inspiration from the “tumblr grunge” scene. I’ll admit that there is nothing I want more than to be a tumblr kid honestly. I really love fall colors and plaid flannels and ripped jeans and beanies, just basic alternative kid stuff.

Besides just tumblr what else inspire you?

I really like the pop punk style a lot, the almost lazy style of alternative is my biggest inspiration

What exactly draws you to the alternative aesthetic?

The aesthetic of it I think. There’s something really just euphoric about the image of alternative people and alternative music. It reminds me of coffee and rainy weather.

So your friends all also very alternative and what is it like sort of having a squad that’s like that? Do you guys bond over it? Empower each other?

Yeah my friends are all “edgy teens” which is pretty cool because we all like the same music and I always borrow my friends clothes and funny enough my guys friends borrow clothes from each other which isn’t common for some reason. Yeah but we all kinda like the same things and the same style. It feels like I belong and I’m not judged for the way I look or the music I like.

What sort of advice would you have for someone who wants more of an edgy style but is afraid to do something that’s kind of out there?

I would say just to go for it! Even if it strays from what you’re used to, as long as you think you look good

Does your makeup play a big part on your style?

Yeah a lot! The majority of the time I don’t wear makeup, but when I do I like to do a lot of neutrals or whatever matches my hair. I think not wearing makeup kinda adds to the style of clothes I wear. The whole aesthetic I go with is kind of saying “this is who I am take it or leave it” and I feel that it plays a part in that. But obviously I love makeup and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup everyday or never at all