MULLIGAN: Students fortunate to take part in rich school history

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MULLIGAN: Students fortunate to take part in rich school history


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Over 70 people during the 2016/2017 transferred into Roseville High School from other schools in the district. This is the highest number of intradistrict transfers.

Somehow, despite the highest transfer rates, people still try to talk badly about the school. The numbers prove the haters wrong. RHS is at one of its highest points in its 100 years, almost breaking 2000 students.

After the varsity football team’s first loss against Antelope High School, two RHS students – who spent the entire game on the visitors side – mocked us as we were walking towards the locker room.

Not only would that be a poor reflection of character if you actually attended AHS, they are our classmates and they still decided to mock us. The best part is that the following Monday one of the girls tweeted “Bella Vista is about to get murked on Friday.” Now they can be our fans and pretend they weren’t making fun of us the Friday before.

If you can’t handle us at our worst, you don’t deserve us at our best.

All jokes aside, RHS is the best school in the district, but always gets made fun of by people who have never even been on campus.

They know RHS through the people they met and they are only talking to the kids who hated RHS, the select few who hate RHS and did transfer out.

This is like asking a group of protesters how they feel about something, obviously the results will not be representing the general population.

We have an extremely unique campus that is shaped by 100 years of development on the hill. Just the location is better than all other schools – we are sandwiched between the train tracks, which the entire town was built around, and the 150 year old cemetary in which the first settlers of our beloved town were buried in.

Downtown Roseville is a short walk away with fantastic restaurants and events. Everyday after school we see the elementary school kids walking home. I went to Spanger and it always reminds me of the simpler times.

We embrace the community having our Homecoming parades go through local parts of the city. Most schools’ never leave campus. On top of that, if you ever drive by campus, there will be something happening.

The school is never silent. Little league at Richards after school and water polo before school, there is never a dull moment.

On campus RHS is, again, unique to say the least. The population is the second most diverse of the district and even then our students can gel with each other.

People who come here almost always speak of how cliqued their old campus was and how much better RHS is in that respect.

We have a cement amphitheater showing where the original football stadium stood and buildings ranging from 90 years to 10 years old. Even though the small gym is fairly well-used and really old, it shows the change in generations. They used to have bleachers lifted above the court, and soon we will have a new gym with bleachers different than even the big gym’s.

I promise you’ll miss the people, the teachers and especially the muffins.”

If you look at who buildings are named after they all date back to the distant past, with the exception of some of the newer buildings.

RHS has like a hundred clubs, from Brony Club to Conspiracy Club there is truly something for every single student on campus.

And many of these clubs are based upon improving their classmates lives rather than a shared interest. RAMI wants to support students with mental illness and Tiger Pride strives to include all students in activities.

People also try to bag on our sports teams, but this year we have been kicking ass and taking names. Football is set to go 9-1, which hasn’t happened in over 20 years. Girls golf is league champs for the second year in a row. Girls volleyball is having a stellar year once again. Tennis has had major success this year making it into playoffs. Boys volleyball dominated last year, along with boys golf.

In the last 10 years, RHS has doubled the passing rates of socioeconomically disadvantaged students and AP passing rates have remained strong throughout AP classes even with the addition of many and the promotion of all students to try at least one AP class.

Students who do not go to RHS can’t possibly judge the school when they’ve never experienced its glory.

Students who have bad experiences are isolated examples and maybe had run ins with the few people at RHS that I wish would leave.

Does your school have an alma mater? Does your school have bomb shelters? You can see the different generations in the development of the school. Go to the library and look at the yearbooks. You’ll see the hairstyles change and the school. Just looking up in the gym the history of sports can be seen. Football all over, Badminton in the 80s and maybe skiing in the future.

My parents graduated from RHS about 30 years ago and have been around it their entire lives watching it grow and help shape the community. From when my dad snuck into the pool on a hot summer’s day to when my mom cheered at her last Homecoming game, they have nothing but positive memories.

RHS is a pillar of the community around it and even though the school has changed through the years, it remains a welcoming school. We are happy to welcome anyone into our arms to replace the wolf ears with tiger claws.

In the end, if you really hate RHS that much and complain about the school around the district, just leave. Plenty of other people want to be here and be spirited and be a Tiger.

Make room for the kids who want to be here and do everyone the favor of leaving. I promise you’ll miss the people, the teachers and especially the muffins.