Junior entertains friends with original anime recap




Junior Tyler Sackett, with his interest in both graphic novels and performing, has started his own act which is known as Longbox of the Damned. In his performances, Sackett plays a ghoul by the name of Morate and reviews horror comics.

Sackett bases his performances off of his favorite YouTuber, Louis Lefebvre.

“This is based off an Internet show with the same name, which was created by a guy called Louis Lefebvre,” Sackett said. “I commented on one of his videos asking ‘could I do this for this month because I love Halloween?’ and he said ‘go ahead.’”

Sackett has put a lot of preparation into his performances, and he spends a lot of time outside of school working on them.

“I also walk around my house and perform Morate’s voice in a European accent,” Sackett said. “I got myself a top hat, a cloak, made my own black box, and got a bunch of horror comics that I have.”

Sackett’s hard work has paid off, as he performs at lunch every Tuesday-Friday, and has gotten a lot of positive feedback from his peers and teachers especially from drama teacher Ashley White.

“A lot of people loved it, Ms. White especially loves it,” Sackett said. “They like how energetic I am, how I talk about the comic and how I express it.”

A few of Sackett’s performances have influenced his audience members to check out and read some of the comics that he retells. Freshman Tanner Beasom was introduced to the anime graphic novel Death Note from Sackett’s performance.

“I started reading Death Note. [I was intrigued] by how Tyler presented them and gave the back story,” Beasom said. “The personality he conveys on stage made it interesting.”

This is an accomplishment for Sackett and makes him proud that he can share his enthusiasm about Halloween and his interest with others.

“I am very happy, Halloween is my favorite time of year,” Sackett said. “I’m just happy to express the Halloween spirit and get people interested in horror comics.”

Junior Nick Bailey, who watches Sackett’s performances daily, thinks that Sackett is very talented and has very entertaining shows.

“I love it, I see it every day, and he is very talented,” Bailey said. “He does a good job of assessing what the comics are about and explaining it to us in a very humorous and informative manner.”