Admin bans clothes of drug-affiliated brands



Admin has announced that the brands Cookies and Connetic. Admin placed the ban upon the brands due to their “affiliation with marijuana,” according to assistant principal Matt Pipitone.

Pipitone believes this ban should come as no surprise to students, as clothing with affiliations towards marijuana and alcohol have never been tolerated.

“It’s not so much the brands are being banned, it’s just, as it states in our dress code, any references to drugs or alcohol or weaponry is not allowed,” Pipitone said. “And since the Cookies brand and Connetic brand is connected to marijuana use, we’re saying, ‘That’s not okay.’”

Cookies and Connetic wearer senior Ashley Cayabyab believes the banning of Connetic is unfounded, but understands admin’s concern with Cookies.

“The school shouldn’t really target brands of clothes unless it shows some type of profanity, drugs or gang related things. Especially Connetic because it’s a casual brand that everyone wears, but the brand does not promote marijuana anywhere close to [how] Cookies does,” Cayabyab said. “It’s funny to me how they want to ban brands that they don’t understand; Connetic is a skateboard brand.

Cayabyab has concerns about the consistency of the application of the ban and doubts its effectiveness.

“I wear a Connetic beanie all the time and not once have I got told anything because there wasn’t anything wrong with it,” Cayabyab said. “It was just a flag.”