Ski team continues adviser search



Last year, the ski team made its debut season at Roseville High School, marking the first time that there has been a ski team in school history. This year, the team is in need of a coach or advisor in order to make a second season possible.

Placer High School’s winter sports coached the team last year, but now the team is in need of its own coach or advisor. Senior Juliette Oliver, this year’s only returning skier, hopes the school can find a replacement.

“We had a surrogate coach from Placer High School. He was kind of our mentor and really helped our team grow,” Oliver said. “We’re looking for a teacher from this school to help us out and be our official coach.”

According to RHS athletic director Emily Dodds, the leading candidate for the position is special education teacher Randy Wright, who is an experienced skier. However, because RHS is the only school in the district with a ski team, there is not a stipend available for the advisor.

“I sent out a staff-wide email asking to see if there was any interest and Mr. Wright was the only one to respond,” Dodds said. “Mr. Wright is an avid skier and would be an awesome candidate if it works out.”

However, Wright’s recent bicycling accident will most likely hinder his ability to coach the team. Unless someone else is found, or if Wright is unable to coach, there will not be a team due to the fact that the ski team is technically a club. In order for a club to exist, there must be a teacher advisor, and the same goes for the ski team.

Dodds is actively searching for a teacher advisor in order to make this year’s team possible. Regardless, Oliver is still excited for the season and what it could offer.

“I’m super excited for how the season is going to turn out this year,” Oliver said. “Hopefully we will have a great snowfall like last year, and hopefully more people come out and see how fun the team is.”

In its first year, the team only had four members: Oliver, junior Jamie Bateman and seniors Marina Efstathiu and Madison Palubicki, who both graduated last year. This year, Oliver expects more participation, but still wants to keep the team relatively small for now.

“Last year we really wanted to keep it small because we weren’t sure how things were going to work out,” Oliver said. “I’ve already had confirmations from about ten people who show a great interest in joining the team this year, but I would still like to keep it under 20 people.”In future seasons, Oliver expects ski to expand and add snowboarding and cross country skiing to its offerings, and is proud of the pending development of the team.

“I’m so excited to be able to support and lead such a new movement here at Roseville High,” Oliver said. “Being able to see the development of this program into something big is everything I could’ve ever hoped for.”