EFSTATHIU: Disrespect destroys chemistry between band and Tiger Cage



For the 2016-2017 school year of Roseville High School many new changes have been made to create a better school and fun environment for students. One of those changes is the Tiger Band being moved right next to the Tiger Cage.

The Tiger Cage has always been a crazy place during football games. There’s constant yelling, cheering and the occasional foul word(s). The Tiger Cage has proven to be one of the best places to cheer during a Tiger football game in order to get the best experience.

The Tiger band has been at this school for the longest time and is a crucial piece to the exciting Friday Night Lights. The band plays great songs and gets people in the right mood to cheer and it pumps the players up as well. The RHS band is an important factor to the Friday games.

 This year, RHS principal David Byrd has moved the section of where the band sits right next to the Tiger Cage. This has been so far looking like a great idea, because both of those sections are two of the most important factors of making Friday game nights fun.  For the past couple of home games the whole idea was turning out great. This was a good thing to improve on for our games because other school have done this and made their school’s spirit increase throughout the game.

Though, not everything is as perfect as it seems. There have been a lot of misbehaving and inappropriate behavior occurring during the games. This ranges from the foul language to throwing things at the band section. This is uncalled for and needs to stop.

This is just inappropriate and sends the wrong message to the parents and our visiting team about our school and who attends it. The band doesn’t deserve to be mistreated during games by the Tiger Cage. The two sections have the same goals, to get everybody fired up and be excited for our schools team and they should being working together.

Byrd has hopes to have both band and Tiger Cage to work together and create cheers to make the spirit better on Friday nights. The idea of having the band play a song and then the Tiger Cage does a cheer relating to the song or visa- versa.

This would be a great idea if the two could get along. The synchronized song and cheers could also intimidate the opposing team and give our team the boost of excitement to win the game.  

Basically everything has to fall into place for this to work, but too many students in the Tiger Cage have created tension by harassing the band and ruining the whole point of Friday Night Lights. Until the inappropriate behavior ends, the band and Tiger Cage will continue to resist what could be a great combination.