24k Magic proves to be pure gold



Bruno Mars shocked the world with the hit of the summer, in October. “24K Magic” is one of the catchiest songs of the year and probably next year too leaving me with high expectations for Mars’ upcoming album 24K Magic.

While the song seems to have very polar views, either loving it or hating it, we can all look forward to more from Mars. His style can best be described as “funky fresh” because his music is always so classic funk reminding me of Stevie Wonder but is still relevant in today’s world of pop songs that all sound the same.

Mars has always differentiated himself from the others of his time and “24K Magic” is no different. Somehow the song is both retro and modern with parts that remind me of my one year in the ‘90s and bring me back to modern music.

The song is all about partying and making bank and that’s what I hope comes from the new album. I don’t care about meanings behind lyrics I just want something pleasing to my ears. I want catchy songs that may have less substance than his other albums.

I hope that the rest of the album lives up to the song which it shares its name with. I am worried that Mars is going to try too hard to have another “Uptown Funk” which is unrealistic. He needs to stay true to his sound and differentiate himself from the rest of the songs on the radio.