District holds on to “motivational” class rank




After over a year of discussion, the Roseville Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees decided to suspend discussion of abolishing class rank for its comprehensive sites.

According to RJUHSD superintendent Ron Severson, the decision made to keep the class rank is set in stone and all schools in the district will continue to use it.

“There [was] a division of opinion on the board and within the district as to whether class rank should be maintained,” Severson said. “There is no plan right now to pursue this further.”

Severson had multiple sources give their input on the class rank that are not involved with the board.

“Many parents and students said that class rank is a real motivator,” Severson said. “They cited how they use improvements in their ranking as affirmation for working hard to improve their grades.”

Roseville High School senior Isabelle Bautista, who ranks third in her class, looks at the race as a positive motivator and is glad that it is staying in the district.

“I would say [class rank] is a positive thing, because I feel like it’s a big motivational factor for people to work hard,” Bautista said. “I think it helps… it has for me personally.”