Former lineman says no to status quo




After weeks of  intense consideration, junior Nick Bailey decided to join the drama program and leave the football team, after dedicating two years of his life to the sport. Bailey was influenced by his older brothers who were both a part of the drama program, starring in major school performances, and he wanted to finally join the family legacy.

Bailey had been practicing with the varsity football team over last school year and summer, until he discovered his true love for drama about a week before school started this year.

The only genuine drama background Bailey has experience from are premature elementary school musicals, but both of his older brothers had been a part of many performances at the school.

He has received a lot of support from his family and friends, especially from his mom and brothers, Alex and Jacob Bailey.

“When I told my mom that I wanted to audition, she was extremely excited because all of my brothers before me had been a part of the program, and she was excited to see me try it out,” Bailey said.

Bailey is currently rehearsing for the fall play, Noises Off. While the play does not have a lead role, Bailey does play a major part. It is a production about a play, and his role within the production is the director of the play.

Former teammate Joey Margaroni was slightly surprised that he was able to get such a big role with no real drama background, but many are expecting him fulfill this role. They thought his personality fit the role perfectly and is fitting right into the program.

“I think it’s really impressive, especially because this is his first time doing a big drama thing, so I think that’s a really good thing for him,” Margaroni said.

Performer Emily Botnen, who plays the part of Bailey’s girlfriend,  agrees with Margaroni and is excited to see him grow as a performer and see the progress he has made throughout the show.

“It’s really impressive to see that the drive that was in Jacob has come down to him,” Botnen said. “He kind of makes us realize how much more we need to focus and match his energy.”

Botnen  says that Bailey is very easy to work with, and  is also very easy to bounce ideas off of.

Many students have noticed the focus and dedication Bailey brings to the program. Drama teacher Ashley White recognizes his dependability and drive he provides for the program, and says he is an inspiration for other performers.

“He loves to get constructive criticism and takes direction beautifully,” White said.

She also sees how Bailey’s athletic background has helped him in their program. She thinks he is more open to different types of instruction.

“[He] is a bit more serious, more down to work,” White said. “I think that’s because of his athletic training background.”

Botnen feels this production will be a great experience for Bailey, as he is branching out into different extracurricular activities and being apart of the department.

“I thought it was really cool because a lot of times, especially at high school, football has the spotlight on it, and programs like drama and dance, not as much,” Botnen said. “So the fact that he was really honest with himself and not thinking I want to do the thing that will make me popular or anything, but I want to do what I really want to do is really inspiring.”

Bailey wasn’t concerned with what others thought, and just wanted to do the activity that he liked the most.

“A few people said I was wimping out on football,” Bailey said. “But it wasn’t really as much for me trying to get out of football but more into drama.”