FASHION: Anne Hoppes breaks gender norms with wardrobe




How would you describe your style?

I like to think out of the box a lot, but a lot of the time I don’t wear that to school. At school I tend to say that simplicity is key. It’s very much simple, pastel colors, or neutral colors mixed together, which a lot of people don’t do because they’re like, “Oh, a pattern with a neutral color.” I like to stay all neutral, all solids, because it totally changes the look up and makes it a little bit more “icy.” I like jewelry; I like men’s fashion also, so I like watches and more of that kind of that thing: very clean-cut.


What inspires you?

Like I said before, men’s fashion inspires me a lot because some days I’ll be very feminine, but other days I’ll be the opposite side of the spectrum, so when I say simplicity I really take that to a tee. Very clean cut; I like watches; I like rings, not in the sense that it’s girly but more of like a high-classy thing. I like very classy people like heels, pencil-skirts [and] menswear like men’s jackets.


Do you ever mix feminine and masculine pieces?

Everyday. All the time. A lot of people don’t do that and I feel like that’s why I also have like a pull to that. It’s a little bit different. It brings a different feel by combining the men’s and men’s fashion into being feminine. To be able to rock men’s fashion and make it feminine, I think that that’s the utmost respect. I really love that.


What’s the deciding factor on your outfit being more masculine or feminine?


It really depends on how I feel. On some days I’m going to be like, “You know what? I feel like Beyonce. I feel really boss today, I’m going it spice it up a little bit.” Some days I’m like, “Yo,  I’m chilling, I feel like I’m going to come, represent.” So that’s going to be a little bit more male. Or, if I’m in a certain mood, like I’m not feeling this person; I’m going to bring my swag out today. Put them out nice and clean.


Does your natural hair come into play with your style?

It definitely does because I feel like a lot of people, I also get sew-ins and get braids I’m saying saying that “I’m a natural girl.” I have just been doing that lightly and I feel like it kind of changes the vibe, I don’t even know how to explain it. When you walk in with your natural curls, it’s like, “I’m here, this is me.” It’s very empowering to do that. Especially when I cut my hair, I feel like it allows me to really “rock” the men’s side of fashion so I like the versatility of it.


Anything you want to add?

I try to combine and integrate both sides. I like breaking down gender roles; I like being able to look like a guy, but still kill it. I like to inspire people to be able to know that they can do either or. They can do what they want, what they feel like and either way: you can still kill it.