Mac Miller departs from traditional style in ‘The Divine Feminine’



Mac Miller has captivated a new audience by leaving his traditional lazy rap, in favor of jazzier style featured on his fourth album, The Divine Feminine. He achieves this jazzy style by using soulful melodies and more relaxed beats on this album. In addition to this Mac has an  increased use of piano in his beats, his flow is smooth, and he actually sings.

The album is a lot more different than the classic Miller album. The classic Mac album has a lazy, stoner vibe to it. He displayed signs of him leaving that style with his previous album, GO:OD AM. Mac started to show that he was putting more effort and had more enthusiasm about his music.

Each of the  10 songs on the album are unique in their own way. My personal favorite is “Cinderella” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. It is  fantastic, from the angelic beat, from the brilliant hook sung by Ty Dolla $ign, to the unbeatable flow that Mac always possess.

One song that I didn’t particularly enjoy was Soulmate. I did appreciate the vaporwave-esque beat, however Mac’s delivery and lyrics weren’t what I had hoped for. I was expecting a sadder, deeper feeling song. Mac seemed very cheery throughout the entire song; mixed with a very inspiring beat made it that much more of an optimistic vibe.

Featured artist on this album are absolutely fantastic. Every artist fits well on every song, some even outshine Mac. Anderson Paak in particular outshines Mac on the track “Dang!”. The song is intended to be more groovy, and Paak masters that feeling while Mac seems to lack it.