VOLLEYBALL: Tigers lose undefeated streak to Bella Vista




The previously undefeated varsity girls volleyball team took its first loss of the season to the Bella Vista Broncos on Wednesday. The Tigers lost after three sets with scores of  25-14, 25-21 and 25-10.

Senior hitter Savanah Smith thinks that the team’s defense was not as strong compared to their previous games. She feels that the team could not get their passes up to their setter or make many of their hits or serves in and recognizes that the team needs to focus on improving these areas.

“These things are something we can improve on in practice, definitely,” Smith said.

She also feels that it is crucial for the team’s chemistry to get together between points, especially after lost points. Smith believes that they are getting better at being able to trust each other and picking each other up when they are down.

The team plays the Whitney Wildcats Monday night, who they went 1-1 with last year. Smith hopes for a win as she wants to prove who’s the better team in the rivalry.