TENNIS: Tigers defeat Bruins




The varsity girls tennis team took on the Ponderosa Bruins last night, winning 5-4. This is the team’s third win in league play.

Junior Alyssa Shepard believes that it was because of their hard work and determination in their practices leading up to the match that the girls played so well.

“Every practice we tried as hard as we could and worked hard to prepare for our matches specifically,” Shepard stated. “We just outplayed [Ponderosa], and they made the mistakes instead of us.”

Shepard added that although they won, all members of the team still have room for improvement and should try to maintain their focus on positive things.

“We all need to improve on staying positive and focusing on the shots we made rather than the shots we didn’t make,” Shepard said.

The team plays next against the Oakmont Vikings next Tuesday.


The JV girls tennis team beat the Ponderosa Bruins 4-2 last night.

According to Taigan Granucci and Jacie Andrew, who make up a freshman doubles team, the team had a difficult start but came back by the third match.

“In the beginning, they were winning, so they had the momentum going into the third match,” Granucci said. “But when it came to that we overcame that and we shut them down.”

The girls play against the Bella Vista Broncos this afternoon in hopes of another win.