TENNIS: Tigers fall short against Whitney




The varsity tennis team lost 6-3 to the Whitney Wildcats on Tuesday, marking the team’s eighth loss this season.

Junior Anna Pratt believes that although the girls may have lost, they played hard.

“Whitney is one of the top four teams to beat in order to get to playoffs,” Pratt said. “It was kind of rough, but I do think that we fought really hard against them. Their whole team was really energized, which made us intimidated before we played. But I think we could learn from this that if we had had confidence in ourselves, then we could have beat them.”

Pratt added that the team is focusing on improving its energy levels during matches, as she feels that the girls excel when their energy is high.

“I think we have a really solid team and I think that when the people on the sidelines are cheering, we get our energy boosted and play a lot better,” Pratt said. “[On Tuesday] our energy wasn’t as high which made us play worse. But I definitely think that if it was higher, we could have done much better.”