Film club unites cinema lovers



Seniors Morgan Jamison and Gillian Howard helped create Film Club this year. The club hopes to offer students interested in film an opportunity to meet with other students to watch movies. The school does offer a Film and Literature elective, but it is only open to upperclassmen and not available every semester.

Jamison and Howard felt lower classmen should have the opportunity to experience this program despite the class not being available in the 16-17 school year. As a solution to this they formed the film club.

“We all really enjoyed film and lit class, but the class is only offered every other year,” Jamison said. “We wanted students to be able to be apart of that class, but in a club version.”

Howard felt that without the film and literature class, she was missing a sense of a family at school.

“I really missed that sense of a safe community,” Howard said. “I wanted to bring that back that environment for people to watch movies and have fun, but also get to know each other and talk about current events.”

Jamison agrees with Howard and feels that the club is a safe place for students to come and watch films, just as she previously had in her film and literature class.  She believes that all students should have the sense of family that she once had.

“When I was a  junior in the Film and Lit class everyone in the class became a community and we all got to know people really well,” Jamison said “It was a fun, safe, environment for people to have intense discussions about different subjects and we all enjoyed film.”

The basis of Film Club is members watch a movie the first week, and hold a discussion on the same film the following week. In order to help the members discuss the film Howard and Morgan make questions in order to analyze the film, including characters, the theme, the plot, and how they all relate to our lives.

The two founders have additional plans for the club this year, including integrating more technology into the club to potentially make a short film or skit for the school. Jamison hopes to raise awareness of Film Club so more people will join and experience what the club has to offer.

Club meetings are held every Tuesday after school in room 913.