‘Dig Your Roots’ stirs up feelings of home



To the ear, Flordia Georgia Line’s newest album Dig Your Roots may not be up to par with their past albums, but the messages sent in this album hit home, making it one of my favorite albums.

This album emphasizes how important it is to remember where you came from even if you leave, because where you came from shapes you as a person. It also prioritizes family a lot for the same reason: they make you into who you are.

As many of my friends know, I love Roseville and could never imagine living elsewhere. Even when it comes to college, I don’t want to be more than two hours away, so Roseville is always within a day’s drive and my family.

“Dig Your Roots” is one of the few upbeat songs on the album, a big change from past albums. This song exemplifies the heart of the album, telling people to “show some love back to your hometown” and know that family is always there for you.

My favorite of the album, though, is “May We All,” featuring Tim McGraw (a personal favorite) and the fact that it talks about driving a Bronco with the top off make the song that much better. The song wants everyone to live their life and experience as much as they can from “hearing a quarter roll down the jukebox” to “getting lost down some road.”

Dig Your Roots shows more raw emotion than their previous albums combined. These slower songs are a major change from songs like “Sun Daze” (Anything Goes) which is about getting stoned and wearing ‘J’s. Every song talks about either loving family or falling in love.

“H.O.L.Y.” takes a huge step away from FGL’s norm, and even a step away from most country music, not mentioning trucks or beer a single time. Being softer shows more emotion and explains falling in love or being “high on loving you.”

As a country fan, this will (hopefully) add some nice variety to my usual radio stations.