Teachers learn from peers in Learning Walks


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A team of Roseville High School teachers have started a new program called Learning Walks. The program intends for teachers to observe different teaching methods they could implement in their own classroom.

The program was implemented this week. Teachers observed other classroom environments last Tuesday and Wednesday. Other teachers will observe different classes next Monday and Tuesday to finish off the first experiment of the program. Teachers sign up for the program and take time off during the school day. In groups of two, they sit in and observe other classrooms.

One of the creators for Learning Walks, Mike Purvines, believes that the program will be an opportunity for teachers to learn from other successful teachers at RHS instead of inviting a professional.

“We have some fabulous teachers at Roseville High School,” Purvines said. “Instead of bringing in people to tell us what to do, I think sometimes it’s more valuable to go find it in other people that you see on campus.”

According to Purvines, this is the first attempt at such a program, and other schools have been paying attention to its progress. The program is the first in its school district, and if successful, he believes other schools may consider implementing similar programs.

One of the teachers who signed up, social science teacher Dana Dooley, had an opportunity to pilot test the program last week. She was pleased by the results after seeing AP Human Geography teacher Mark Andreatta’s use of technology in the classroom.

“It was so cool to be able to see my colleagues teach,” Dooley said. “That got me really inspired and riled with how I can utilize technology in a more meaningful way in my own class.”