RHS returns to 5:5 male to female ratio in dance courts




Student Government announced that the dance court system will revert back to the original ratio of five boys to five girls. They will be implemented during Homecoming week, beginning on Sept. 26. The court system will again consist of five princes and princesses and, after the voting, one king and one queen.

Student Government altered the system prior to Casaba last school year. The adjustments included changing the titles of “king” and “queen” to “top honorees” and discontinuing the consistent five to five ratio.

Student Government will, however, keep one of the changes from last year. Nominees will still be able to walk during the rally and the Homecoming football game with someone not also on court, but they will ride in the parade with fellow royalty.

According to Homecoming committee co-chair, junior Kevria Shill, the changes come because of student complaints last school year.

“We got a lot of negative feedback about the changes,” Shill said. ”And the only positive thing that we got back was you get to walk with whoever you want.”

Shill is proud to bring back elements of the original system. 

“Our school has always been about tradition, and we want to keep it that way,” Shill said.