CTEWORKS classes dropped at start of school year



CTEWORKS dropped ROP classes, Animal Science and Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, at the beginning of the school year due to lack of teachers. Animal Science’s assigned teacher retired and the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice course never had an assigned teacher.

Students who planned on taking these courses had to find a replacement in their schedule for the no longer existing classes.

“Unfortunately, with both of those classes there wasn’t a class that students could transfer into that was similar, “ College and Career technician Jacquie Seider said. “They’re very unique classes. So for right now, there isn’t [another] option in CTEWORKS.”

According to senior Oliva Clouser, the classes were unique, and it will be hard for students to find a suitable alternative that fulfills their needs as students and assists with their future. She was enrolled in Animal Science before the class was dropped.

“Everything’s up in the air,”  Clouser said. “This change ,for all the students affected, has made everybody have to reconsider and reconstruct their all their schedules. It’s actually really important for some of us that want to go into the vet field.”

The Animal Science ROP class may be implemented again in the spring if a suitable teacher is found. CTEWORKS are currently seeking a teacher to fill the position.