Lacrosse takes banner in second season



The Roseville lacrosse team had a somewhat uneventful debut season last year, finishing 4-7 in league, and 5-10 overall. This year the team was determined to make their second season better and definitely delivered.

This year they went undefeated in league at 8-0 and 14-1 overall. They took their first loss against Da La Salle, the number four ranked team in the state, in the first round of the playoffs, ending their impressive second season. 

“I think this season is definitely a lot different than last season,” senior Liam Crow said. “I think we got a lot more people that were experienced this year and overall I just think we had a better team this year than we did last year.”

Senior Zane Koen thinks that experience played a major role in the improvement over the course of the past year. 

“I think it’s our players and our coaches,” Koens said. “Our players have been playing for a long time and our coaches help us out a lot.”

Not only did the players’ experience lead to improvement, but also a change in mentality. The improved work ethic of the team’s leaders was a major factor in success.

“I think staying disciplined and it started from the very beginning and went all the way through the season, we just had really good discipline,” Crow said. 

The top scorers of the year were Owen Walker, Carson Moore, and Devin Forgey. Takeaways were dominated by senior Liam Crow and Senior Collin Feusi had a solid season in the goal. 

The team was even recognized by the league, with eight players making All-League teams, six of them being first team. Liam Crow was also named the Defensive MVP. 

“I mean I worked really hard for it so it just feels good you know,” Crow said.

 Not only was the eight All-League team players a major achievement, but Crow also thinks it will help the younger players on the team.

“I think being surrounded by really good players elevates you to be a better player,” Crow said. “So yeah, I think the younger guys being around us really made them way better players too.”

Despite getting eliminated early in the playoffs, Koens believes that this season gives this program a lot of hope for the future.

 “It was a good learning opportunity to see the best teams in California and go against them,” Koens said. “I think it really helped us with our expectations next year.” 

Although there will be many positions to fill with departing seniors, Crow believes the team’s success this year may lead to the team continuing to grow as one of the top teams in California. 

“I think the seniors leaving definitely is going to have an impact but I think the team could be really good next year if everyone works hard enough and everyone plays up to their level,” Crow said.

With a major step up in just their second season, Koens thinks the lacrosse team has shown that they can learn and improve quickly and perform at an elite level.

“I think we’ll start to get better every year just by pushing ourselves more and more and setting the bar higher,” Koens said.