Guardians 3 brings Marvel back

May 18, 2023

Marvel is no stranger to creating amazing cinematic masterpieces that instantly become favorites for many audience members. With their amazing comics, comes amazing films such as Spider-man and Infinity War, which leaves Marvel creating some of the best sci-fi films known to man… next to the Star Wars franchise of course. The sub-genre within this multi-billion dollar franchise has recently released the third volume of its series, The Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3.
The movie started off with great music and scenery for the audience members inside the theater to enjoy. Marvel got their flow back with the great cinematic pieces they have created in the past, as Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is most definitely the best volume between volumes 1, 2, and 3. This is undebatable as Volume 3 finally covers the Raccoon Rocket’s past and how he came to be as a Guardian.
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 was centered around the great and iconic character Rocket, as he was fighting between life and death during the entire film. The love the Guardians have for Rocket is portrayed throughout the film as they view each other as a family.
This movie beautifully illustrates the value of friendship and comradeship in not only the Guardians of the Galaxy, but as well in a worldly sense.
Overall, it was quite amazing seeing the teamwork and loyalty portrayed throughout the film, demonstrating the strong bond between each individual character.
Each individual role of the characters was amazing. One of the most comedic characters throughout the film was Drax, portrayed by actor and former wrestler Dave Bautista.
Bautista continued to do a fantastic job when portraying his character Drax as the energy let out by the audience after every single one of his jokes was unmatched.
Although actors such as Chris Pratt, Saldana, and Pom Klementieff pursued their roles in amazing ways, Bradley Cooper, as Rocket, can’t be forgotten on this list.
The movie touches on a few subjects that can be interpreted by viewers in many different ways, but all boil down to important moral lessons that just create this film to be stronger and better. There are several moral issues portrayed in the film that make a great impact on the quality of the storyline.
It was amazing seeing Rocket in what looked like an animal testing lab, where animals had no other choice than to be tested.
These scenes demonstrated current day animal testing and how it may impact both humans and animals as poor Rocket was left traumatized in some ways and the rest of the Guardians holding resentment towards the villain.
The villains in volume 3 were so well played, they deserve an immense amount of applause. Chukwudi Iwuji executed the character of villain High Evolutionary extremely well. His amazing talent left the crowd in awe through his evil character.
The emotion in the movie and felt while watching as an audience member isn’t even the best part yet.
Overall, the action in this film was beautiful and quite epic, making it maybe even better than 2019 release Marvel Avengers: Endgame.
There will never be any right words to even start describing this film as it was breathtaking, no seriously, breathtaking. There were a little too many moments where the film made the audience stop breathing and it was difficult to take in air after those shocking moments, especially during Rocket scenes with his past captor, High Evolutionary.
While this great piece of cinematography ruined a few grandma’s makeup and made several grown men cry, the experience was magnificent. This new project by Marvel is an easy 5-star experience with the action, emotions, great plot, and storyline.

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