Evil Dead continues to rise

May 18, 2023

Evil Dead Rise is definitely one of the bloodiest films I’ve ever seen. This film is a continuation of the 2013 Evil Dead film, but mainly focuses on its own storyline of Beth, played by Lily Sulivan, reuniting with her sister Ellie, played by Alyssa Sutherland, and her family when flesh-possessing demons come to terrorize their lives. The Evil Dead franchise is known for gorey and flesh-ripping movies, and this film fits the profile. 

For someone who has never seen the other films, Evil Dead Rise is an interesting stand-alone film. Walking into the theater and expecting just another horror film that had a few jumpscares wasn’t the best mindset to have when watching this. There were many scenes that made me cringe in so many ways with how much guts and extreme kills there were throughout the whole film. This is one of the most gruesome films I’ve ever watched in theaters, and if you don’t like seeing a lot of gore, this probably isn’t the best film for you. 

Besides the gore, there were a few parts that were filmed in such a unique way, such as the camera focusing on the character in front of the screen while something disturbing happens within the background. There have also been times when the camera focuses on a group of people while something lurks and follows behind. While this may seem like a typical thing for a horror film to do, the set-up of these scenes definitely made me feel creeped out and made me have my hands covering my eyes, scared but intrigued by what would happen.

Although there were scenes that were shot really well, there were times when the plot was very predictable, especially within the beginning of the film. Everyone knows that children plus horror films always lead to bad things or things that make people yell at the screen, which was something that anyone watching could see from a mile away when we were first introduced to them. There were also times when things were set up on purpose knowing that it would be used later, like introducing a certain item that will help out the characters later on. I understand why the directors did this, but it was sometimes too obvious, which took the element of surprise out of the film. 

Another thing that is definitely worth pointing out that helped with the horror factor was the incantation that was being recited. Besides the jumpscares and the cringe-worthy kills, the scenes when the incantation was read aloud was one of the most terrifying things ever heard. With voices in the background saying not to read from The Book of the Dead while a man started to in a deep and creepy voice sent chills throughout my body. While it was being read aloud, it seemed like something that would’ve definitely shook the sets in the theater. 

Before watching this film, the only scary thing about this film was the trailer. But after watching the film, it was a completely different story. 

Although there were times within the film where the gore was overdone, it was enough to make people squirm in their seats. For die-hard gore fans and people looking for a film that will creep you out, this film is a high recommendation.

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