Multicultural day’s removal

May 12, 2023

Multicultural day hasn’t taken place since the 2019-2020 school year. Multicultural day was a celebration of the student’s culture across campus. The day included cultural dance shows, food from culinary, student performances, our janitor rapping, and more. Ethnic studies teacher Avery Beebe believes the teachers involved have too much on their plate now to continue multicultural day. 

“Mrs. Jones who is an amazing educator, she started the Black Student Union here, and led a lot of efforts in terms of celebrating diversity put it on mostly as well as with the help of Mr. Mattix, myself, Mr. Underwood and it really was just a lot to take on for each one of us and especially Mrs. Jones too,” said Avery Beebe. 

Junior Michelle Esparza heard about multicultural day from Mrs.Beebe. Being a junior, Michelle had never experienced multicultural day before.  Being a part of Latino Student Union she hopes to help bring back the event. 

“I want it to happen again so that I get to experience it. I’m part of LSU so then not only did I also hear it from Mrs. Beebe, other students were asking me ‘Oh are we going to do multicultural day?’,”said Michelle Esparza. 

Many students and staff have been asking Mrs. Beebe about the return of the event and she is planning on continuing it in the future.

“I know Latino Student Union which I’m the advisor of has talked extensively about possibly next year, next school year of helping kind of bring that to the fold but I think it would need to have lots of participants putting it together in order for it to happen,” said Beebe. 

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