Emmanuel: 80’s are Better in Spanish

Emmanuel: 80s are Better in Spanish


In the world of current music, the Spanish language has dominated the industry. With such a beautiful language, there have been beautiful music created alongside it, not including Bad Bunny of course, as each one of his songs tend to sound the same and quite frankly, is a bit trashy. In the music industry, different eras exist that shape the industry into what it is today. One of these eras is Spanish music during the 70s, 80s, and ’90s. Even though many artists contributed to this great period, one artist in specific did and that was Mexican singer and songwriter, Emmanuel. 

Not only did Emmanuel create good music, but he also created more than just lyrics, rhythms, and beats. He set the mood in the room, especially nostalgia. His music has impacted the lives of many Mexicans, and Mexican Americans. The purpose of his music serves as a time portal for many of us as music plays a major role in Mexican culture and our youth growing up. 

Emmanuel’s music is quite special as his iconic songs serve as individuals and sound amazing. There is one song in particular that will forever be engraved in the brains of many, “La Chica De Humo”. This great hit comes from his album, “Quisera”, which was released in 1989. This song could be considered one of the biggest hits of his time as it’s placed number one on his charts across all music-streaming platforms. 

Rightfully so, since this song sinks right into the ears, as the great beat is carried throughout the entirety of the song. The lyrics are quite catchy as well, building the song to be the wonderful piece of music that it is today. 

Although “La Chica De Humo”, will hold its number one spot in the discography of Emmanuel, there are even bigger hits. They might not be number one, but they still hold the same great flow. Personally, Emmanuel’s hit, “Este Terco Corazon”, is the holy grail of his discography. This song starts off slow and quiet and gradually progresses to create the amazing hit that it is today.

 It may not make up the top 5 songs on Emmanuel’s Spotify charts, but it definitely deserves to be there. Another song that is a contender for the number one spot is, “Insoportablemente Bella” as this song will forever be remembered by the listener and already has as this hit dominates the memories of many that grew up listening to his music. Rightfully so, it holds the number two spot on Emmanuel’s discography.

These aren’t the only great hits created by Emmanuel, there are more. As each song of his serves as an individual, “Bella Señora”, has a few different components. These components include the amazing electric guitar at the beginning of the song that sets the mood of the song as spunky and upbeat. Although the beginning guitar piece is cool, the tune of the song quickly changes as the drums get introduced as the main beat of the song with the guitar occasionally making an appearance in the background. 

Everything about, “Bella Señora”, is outstanding, such as the catchy and repetitive lyrics, especially in the chorus. The line, “Hablame de ti bella señora”, talk to me about you beautiful lady, adds that great bounce to the song, besides the drums and guitar. 

Emmanuel also has two other great hits in his discography, “Querio Dormir Cansado”, and, “Tengo Mucho Que Aprender de Ti”. These two other pieces are both slow starts with great finishes as they truly capture the same essence Emmanuel has in his other big hits. With Emmanuel’s great vocals, he really captures his talent in these songs, even with the music being a bit slow-paced. These songs may be his top five in his discography, but they are great pieces, therefore, they hold those high places in his discography. 

Overall, Emmanuel’s music dominated the music world when it came to the Hispanic world. Despite being a Mexican artist, different Hispanic groups have listened to and enjoyed his music throughout the years. Emmanuel is a special artist since he’s shaped so many great playlists and the childhoods of many.