Street Fighter 6 brings the fight to the next gen



The Street Fighter series is one of the most popular in the fighting game genre. Whether it’s the immensely popular Street Fighter 2 or the fantastic 3rd Strike it’s hard to go wrong with a Street Fighter game. With the release of the demo for the sixth entry street fighter looks like it will keep up its track record of quality. 

The Demo for Street Fighter 6 was released recently and it is shaping up to be one of the best Street Fighters yet. In the demo, you get access to the world tour mode as well as local play with a limited roster. World tour mode is pretty fun, especially the custom character creator which allows you to create ungodly abominations. Seeing your absurd character interact with the world is very funny and seeing them fight is even funnier.

 The World Tour mode is mostly just fighting people while completing little challenges but being able to fight anyone on the street is really fun. A Lot of the challenges are just walking to an objective and talking to someone oftentimes fighting them or them sending you to someone to fight. World tour won’t be a main focus but when the full game comes out it’ll be a nice break from getting your ass handed to you online.

The Local play is the main focus of street fighter games and is the best part of the game so far. While doing local play you’re limited to the returning Luke and the iconic Ryu. Luke is pretty fun to play, his inputs are fairly simple but feel great once you do them, they can make for some fun combos if you can manage to pull them off. Ryu’s move set feels pretty similar to other games in the series. The Roster right now has 18 characters with 4 announced for DLC, but more are expected to be announced in the future. Personally, I’m hoping for M. Bison and Vega to be added. 

Street Fighter 6 also introduces a new meter system with the introduction of Drive. There are a lot of ways to use Drive, My personal favorite being drive impact. It’s a strong attack that can absorb an enemy’s attacks which comes in handy. There is also a Drive parry which is a parry that just refills the meter it used if landed correctly.

 Overdrive is an input move that is just the same as EX moves from the previous games. Drive Rush is a dash that can be used out of a parry and normal moves but at a cost of 3 bars for a normal attack.  If you run out of Drive bars you get stunned which is absolutely devastating so you’re forced to play smart. 

Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be one of the better fighting games coming out. Hopefully, it will be the game to usher in the next-gen fighting game experience. Street Fighter 6 comes out on June 2nd and looks like it’s bound to be a good time.