Markiplier Plunges Into the Director’s Seat



Famous YouTube star and now actor, Markiplier, is now directing his first feature film. “Iron Lung.” 

The film is based on the 2022 independent horror game of the same name. Made by DuskDev, a member of New Blood Interactive, the developer of a really fun Quake-style shooter called DUSK. 

In the game, you play as a man who is trapped in a submarine under an ocean of blood while a horrifying monster roams around you, trying to kill you. The game has a minimalist story but makes up for it with extra secret lore files and easter eggs. Detailing a Lovecraftian-esque conspiracy involving the blood ocean.

While only made in a couple of weeks the game has captured the imagination of horror fans around the world, including the director of the film, Markiplier.

This film announcement comes as a shock to his fans, while Markiplier had said he was filming something for the past year, no one thought it would be anything other than another YouTube original series or a cameo in the FNAF movie, instead, we are getting a full feature film based off of a beloved indie horror game.

Markiplier is funding, starring in, and directing the movie, while to some this is concerning, I have faith in him. As someone who has watched all of his “with Markiplier” films, they are always of high quality in writing and directing, so I have faith.

The premise of the film would work very well with a low budget, filming almost entirely in a submarine while dealing with the protagonist’s mental state, taking photos of strange things underneath an ocean of blood. Could work amazingly with a small budget, and in a dark theater.

I really do think that Mark can pull it off. And I look forward to the film’s release.

The film is intended for a theatrical release in the near future, so keep your eyes out for more news about this very film.